Friday, May 25, 2007


This strain of blogs is meant to be an outlet for all the crazy cosmical ideas i come across.

It is always a work in progress, as is any sort of Truth you'll try to nail down. Impermanence is important. It's cliché, but accurate, to say that fluctuation is the sole universal constant. Despite deceptive perceptions, nothing stands still.

A 'ksana' is a word that refers to the most infinitesimally small measure of time one can imagine, that is, the slightest instant possible. Methinks it's a Sanskrit word (but i could be wrong). Either way, it's a good concept to focus on, realizing that in each ksana there is monumental change in the physical, mental and spiritual states we all experience. i'll babble about this later, i'm sure.

So, this section of my blog is essentially a place to publicize my spiritual understanding(s). Like i said, All-Ways a Work In Progress. It's titled 'quasi-buddha' because a lot of what i'll say is based on Buddhism.

Let's be clear...i am not a Buddhist. Buddhists meditate every day. Buddhists practice rituals, prayer, etc etc, and i am in no way a regular participant in these religious (dogmatic) activities.

However, the teachings of the Buddha or, Gautama, Siddhartha, Shakyamuni, Tathagata or whatever it pleases you to call him, seem to have reached me in one way or another and led me to realize a few things i might not have seen otherwise. Thus, 'quasi-buddha'; because despite my focus on Buddhist theory, i know perfectly well that there are infinite paths to enlightenment (one for each human, to be exact) to be cultivated through Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham etc etc who am i forgetting?

Anyway. This is all most certainly experimental, so i'd like to encourage commentary (if anyone ever reads this), or questions, or whatever. If what i say helps, or not, feedback will help me.

The first couple posts here are essays i wrote for class. I'll probably play around and make them a bit more digestable for ya'll non-religion majors out there.

If i'm repetitive, it's probably because it's important.

For the record, i hope no one interprets any of this as heresy or any other sort of blasphemy. Just tryna write what i got figured out so far, in the hopes that someone else might benefit (or re-direct me).

dey oo go.

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Eli said...

Wow dude, i never realized how goddamn smart you are. I men i knew you were the smartest out of ellens friends but holy shit your smart. I thought i was going to become enlightened from reading that or have an epiphany. I wont lie i didnt read the entire thing because there's a lot of stuff there, but the paragraphs i did read were pretty intense.
And at the end u sunded so smart and you had to throw in "Tryna" and "De yoo go" haha man im just kidding. anyway very cool, very deep, my props to you for writing this novel of wisdom and to buddah for being so mystically wise.